Stages of Care

Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness delivers high quality chiropractic care to Manchester and the surrounding areas. Our practice focuses on family oriented care and care for athletes to improve performance. We welcome people of all ages with all types of health concerns. We take pride in our facility and hope that you have a pleasant visit.

Our approach to care is simple; we meet you where you currently are and we improve your ability to live the life that you want to live. Patients who seek our services are in one of two places; in need of relief care or simply seeking wellness care to improve overall health and PERFORMANCE. No matter where you are at, we can help!

There are 3 stages of chiropractic care; Relief Care, Corrective Care, and Wellness Care.

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Relief Care

Corrective Care

Wellness Care

Finally, you’re the boss of you’re health and wellness, please understand that we see ourselves as servants to provide you with the education and care needed to attain a Long Life. Our job is to offer you the highest quality chiropractic care possible, make appropriate recommendations, and work with you to achieve your overall health and performance goals.

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