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Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness of Manchester, TN is your source for chiropractic care in Manchester to increase PERFORMANCE in all aspects of life! At Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness, Dr. Long and his staff are dedicated to providing the community with the highest quality of chiropractic care. We are conveniently located just off the square in Manchester at the corner of Highway 41 and South Woodland St.

The mission of Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness is to promote optimum health, increased longevity, and improved performance in the lives of the community through chiropractic care. Dr. Long seeks to empower the community to take their health into their own hands to live the life they want to live! It is a vitalistic and proactive form of health care. Each patient will undergo, if deemed necessary, a case history, diagnostic exams and imaging, chiropractic care and adjustments, therapeutic modalities, recommended exercise regimens, nutritional recommendations and education, nervous and musculoskeletal system education, and postural education to improve health, longevity, and performance throughout life.

At Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness, our approach is simple. We believe that health is our most valuable possession to continue living the life we want to live. There are many aspects that encompass health including; nutrition, physical activity, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is also imperative to make sure that the body is structurally and functionally sound through chiropractic care. Most people tend to seek chiropractic care due to acute or chronic back and neck pain which leads to less active lifestyles, degeneration, difficulty with daily activities, and overall a decrease in health. Chiropractic care can help decrease acute or chronic back and neck pain and get you to moving and living life again to its fullest (read stages of care to learn more), but it goes much further than that. Sometimes pain is the very last symptom alarming us that there is a problem. The health of the spine is important to the overall health of the body for two broad reasons outside of simply decreasing back and neck pain.


For starters, the spine must be in proper alignment and free from joint dysfunction so that the musculoskeletal system can function to allow for proper biomechanics (movement) of the entire body. Without this proper alignment, muscles and joints of the body start to compensate in tonicity (activation of muscles) and compromised movement patterns (lack of motion). This leads to degeneration, joint dysfunction, muscular imbalances, and decreased physical/athletic performance. Secondly, the spinal cord travels nearly the entire length of the spine after exiting the brain and is protected by each vertebra in the spine. At the top and bottom of the spine, the nervous system is anchored to the structure through small connective tissue attachments. Misalignments in the spine can put torque and tension on the nervous system due to this fact and can even impair spinal fluid flow. In addition, nerves travel out from the spinal cord through small openings between each vertebra and these nerves go to every muscle, organ, and tissue in the body. These nerves control every function in the body including but not limited to muscular recruitment/activity, joint proprioception (where joints are in space), digestion, heart rate, breathing, and even immune function. Misalignments in the spine can create impaired functioning in these bodily systems contributing to a number of different symptoms outside of pain alone. Proper alignment of the spine is important so that true health can be realized and not just the absence of pain or symptoms. As chiropractors, our job is to analyze the spine to look for these misalignments and joint dysfunction, which we call subluxations, so as to correct the root problem to improve health!


Physical, mental, or emotional stressors in our day-to-day lives can lead to these subluxations and our commitment to the patient is two-fold; provide the highest quality care possible and ultimately to get you living the life you want to live. Our care treats the whole family so whether you're an adult seeking to increase performance in your daily activities, an athlete seeking improved performance in sports, a mom-to-be seeking to have a healthy pregnancy (through prenatal care), or a parent seeking to increase performance and health for the whole family (including pediatric care), we can provide quality chiropractic care that you can trust! 

The Doc!

Dr. Brandon Long, D.C., owner and primary provider at Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness of Manchester, TN, is focused on providing the highest quality care to increase performance in the lives of the community. Dr. Long was born and raised in Manchester, TN. He graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Kinesiology from Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, TN. in 2015 and also studied Business Entrepreneurship at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN. from 2009 to 2012. He became interested in chiropractic, as a profession, when he was under care while in his military service in the United States Marine Corps and also while competing in Olympic-style Weightlifting. Under care, he noticed that he was able to better withstand the physical stressors demanded of military personnel as well as increasing his athletic performance and recovery for Weightlifting training. In his personal life, he noticed improvement in his mood, better sleep, improved function in daily activities, and overall better health while under care. He began his chiropractic education in 2015 at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2019. He also received the Academic Achievement Award for having exhibited a consistently high degree of academic excellence throughout the course of study. Finally, he received the Milton W. Garfunkel Award, which is the highest award received in each graduating class, for having exhibited superior abilities in the academic, clinical, and philosophical aspects of chiropractic. He maintains licensure in the state of Tennessee and is a member of the Tennessee Chiropractic Association.


Dr. Long began his own practice in Manchester, TN. in 2019 after a clinical internship at Sherman College Health Center in 2018, as a part of the course of study, and a business oriented internship with Dr. James Deaton, D.C. in Fayetteville, TN. in early 2019. He and his wife Christi live in Manchester and started the practice together. They both enjoy movie marathons, being outdoors, training for Weightlifting, and spending time with family when not at the office. Together they have 1 child. Dr. Long also enjoys researching chiropractic, nutrition, and strength & conditioning. He has continued to build a family oriented practice while focusing on athletic and life performance. Through personal referrals, Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness has steadily grown into the practice it is today. Dr. Long and his staff are truly committed to providing patients with the highest quality and most complete chiropractic healthcare available.


Dr. Long feels truly blessed to serve the Coffee County area. Chiropractic care with Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness is always thorough and specific to each patient's needs. If you think you and your family are a good candidate for chiropractic care, contact us today to arrange a thorough examination in our practice!

The Team!

Christi Long

Christi Frances Long is Dr. Long's wife and former Office Manager at Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness. Now she is primarily a stay-at-home mom who takes care of the business "behind the scenes" and keeps the office tuned up so we can provide top notch service to our patients. She was born in Chattanooga, TN. and was raised in Manchester, TN. She received her degree in Business Administration with a major in Business Management in 2015 from Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, TN. She also studied Physical Therapy at Vol State Community College in Nashville, TN. from 2009-2010. She was introduced to chiropractic by Dr. Long when they first got together and quickly became passionate about how life-changing it can be. After dealing with a hiking accident suffered in 2010, Christi quickly noticed physical improvements, while under chiropractic care, with her range of motion and discomfort that she had in her neck. It got her back to living the life she wanted to live. In addition, Christi noticed improvements with Weightlifting training, recovery from training, improved speed and power in softball, overall improved health, less time spent sick, decreased menstrual pain, and a healthy pregnancy while under chiropractic care.

Christi spent nearly 4 years as Operations Manager for Greenville Sports Leagues in Greenville, SC. while Dr. Long was working on his Doctorate at Sherman. Christi enjoys working hard to keep the office running smoothly, behind the scenes, and spending time with her family.

Christi helped Dr. Long start Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness in Manchester, TN. in 2019. Along with him, she feels truly blessed to serve the Coffee County area.

Terra Smith


Terra Smith is our Receptionist at Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness. (to be updated soon)

Peyton Bartlett


Peyton Bartlett is our Chiropractic Assisstant and Chiropractic X-Ray Techinician at Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness. (to be updated soon)

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