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Athletic Performance

As an athlete, whether your sport be football, softball, golf, crossfit, weightlifting, or even the military, your body deals with a lot of stress and is constantly having to adapt to these stressors to improve. Athletic participation in any sport requires hard work and determination. To see progress, one needs to take advantage of any and all restorative methods available to them to truly unlock their true performance potential. 

From a structural standpoint, chiropractic care ensures that the spine and accompanying musculoskeletal system is properly aligned and functioning so as to improve the bodies ability to compete in sport. Spinal alignment is imperative to the function of the body through the proper structure so that the entire body can work efficiently as a whole. When the spine is misaligned, the accompanying structures and musculature aren't able to efficiently work to perform. It changes the physics of the body though imbalance, compensations, inefficient biomechanics, and increased inflammation due to stressors. It also requires valuable energy to compensate for those misalignments. This takes away from athletic output and performance. Chiropractic care will ensure spinal alignment allowing the physics of the body to be restored to optimum levels equating in better sport performance.

In addition to the structural implications of spinal misalignment, there are also neurological implications to spinal misalignments (read about us for more info). Due to the spines protection of the nervous system, the attachments of the nervous system to the spine, and the nerves that pass between the vertebra in the spine to everything in the body, spinal alignment is of utmost importance to athletic performance. With athletic performance, the nerves that go to joints and muscles are our primary concern. The nervous system is responsible for proprioception (where the body is in space) and muscular recruitment (activation of muscles to move), among many other things. When the spine is misaligned and is causing nervous system interference, what we call a subluxation, the body has to compensate and accommodate for the inaccurate proprioceptive inputs causing athletic performance to be impaired. Also, muscular recruitment is diminished causing a decrease in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and performance. Due to the nervous systems role in athletic performance, improving it's function will help to improve coordination, balance, muscular recruitment, reaction time, recovery, power, strength, speed, agility, and overall athletic output. Make an appointment today to learn more about the specifics of chiropractic care for improved athletic performance! 

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