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When expecting mothers think of having a healthy pregnancy, many don't think of chiropractic care as a vital piece of that puzzle. We all know that proper nutrition, exercise, healthy lifestyle choices, support, emotional health, and many other things, are imperative to a healthy pregnancy. Appropriate chiropractic prenatal care is just as vitally important to incorporate for a healthy pregnancy. Not only can chiropractic care help decrease back pain during pregnancy, it can also help improve the structure and function of the pelvis so as to allow for optimal positioning of baby with decreased stress on mom and baby throughout pregnancy.

During pregnancy, back pain is common. This is due to the fact that many ligaments including the broad ligament and round ligaments of the Uterus, are attached to the pelvic structure to anchor and secure the womb for the developing baby. Due to the increase in baby's weight and size, stress is put on these ligaments as well as the psoas muscles and that stress is imparted to the pelvis and low back and can potentially cause round ligament pain, pelvic or low back pain, and misalignments to the pelvis and spine. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is very specific and gentle on the expecting mother and works to correct these spinal misalignments as well as decrease tension in the muscles and ligaments so that baby can be in a better position, have more room to move, and mom can have decreased pain through this process.

 In addition to improving structure and function of the pelvis, chiropractic care is vital to the health of the mother's nervous system (read about us to learn more). When misalignments in the spine cause tension or stress on the nervous system, we call it a subluxation. When it comes to expecting mothers, we want to focus on every aspect of the nervous system to improve moms immunity, digestion, reproductive organ function, and many other things. Specific nerves that travel to the reproductive organs in the expecting mom are located in the low back and pelvic area. Due to this being an increased area of stress, proper alignment of the spine becomes that much more important for mom. It is our hope here at Long Life Chiropractic & Wellness that moms-to-be are already under care when they become pregnant but if this is not the case for you, no need to worry. Starting care after already becoming pregnant is perfectly fine and the benefits of care will still be attained. Make an appointment today to learn more about the specifics of chiropractic care during pregnancy!

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